Dear Children, peace be with you. I am the Queen of Peace. I have come here as the Queen of Peace, so as to make you aware of how important peace is to the humanity. Once again I tell you that you should always be by My Side, as the world needs today, more than ever, My help and the mercy of My Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Once again I tell you that you should be careful, Satan is strong and knows how to deceive you. Keep up praying, without cease. Remember that My Son is still operating in your hearts today; that reconciliation makes possible the unity of the Church. Aware of the precious gift God offers you, work, pray and offer your sacrifices, day-by-day, for the unity of everyone who believes in Christ. Do not only say that you believe in God, but also be ready to give your testimonies of the truth of His resurrection. Do not fear the obstacles. Be brave.

My Son overcame the world. If you find any difficulties in this journey, call My Son Jesus. He will not abandon you. Remember that you all have received one part of the fullness that inhabited My Son, and by Him is given to you, while you go on our pilgrimage towards the union with the Father. God, as the provident Father, will not abandon you. He calls you to leave back the darkness and follow His directions that lead to the place where life is at light and the fear is moved away.


My Son, the Gentle Servant who was sent as the alliance of the holy people and light of nations, teaches you how great and beneficial is the power made available to you in charity. Hence, the human heart becomes the inhabitation of the mercy and the truth, and the daily existence develops in the justice and peace. Thus, the conflicts and their disaggregating weight fade away and the spirit of each one is open to the will and wisdom of God, adjusting to His sapient design for the world. In these days, when, unfortunately, there are still multiple imbalances for the lack of love and of trust in relation to God and to injustice, it is more than ever important the testimony of those who ground their lives on the listening to God and on the contemplation of God, to serve the brothers thereafter, inspiring themselves in His free, merciful love.


Love one another


Love is very important for all of you; that is why you should always love. Endeavor to follow the example of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who wanted to save the world by being humiliated in the cross for love of you all. If you do not love, you will not be part of the promised Heaven. Thus, love, love, love. Do not keep feelings of hatred or any wish of violence in your hearts, but try to imitate in the example and in the words, My Son Jesus. My Son is your good friend and expects from you a holy behavior that does not offend your brothers and specially the Heavens. Great is My wish to see you grow up in the paths of love. Do not step back. Surrender yourselves to Me, with total trust. I am your Mother and I have come from heaven to offer you the possibility of times of peace and hope. When you feel the love of My Son in your hearts, you will be able to incessantly imitate Him and adore Him. If you totally abandon yourself into the hands of God, you will be capable of understanding His great appeal: Come to Me. He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. It is Him who has His arms wide-open waiting for you, as He knows that He has made you in His image and His Likeness.


Believe in the Holy Gospel. I will pray to God, the Father to never fail to you with a living word that you need and that is the principle for your conversion. By means of the living word, you will start to be transfigured and have your communion with the Father, in the expectation of having the prophetic vision of eternity. If every single morning, you open up the Gospel, My Son will say to you in the bottom of your heart: I am the way and the truth and the life. I ardently want your salvation. It is Me, Jesus, your Savior who speaks: Listen to Me, It is Me who makes in everything your life happy or difficult. It is Me, by the faith, by the hope, by the love. It is Me founding a family: it is the vocation of most of you. It is Me in the works for your brothers, in solidarity with your people: which also is the vocation of everyone. It is Me consecrating your life as a priest, as a religious father or religious nun: it is the vocation of some of you, so that My presence be expressed in My Church.


Hence, your dialogue with Him will grow day-by-day, and certainly, your life will change. The Gospel opens up to the human kind perspectives of peace, by virtue of the same Commandment of Love, that My Son has given you. It is the source of true peace with God, because it is the Father who is in the origin of peace with the men. I will pray for you to be invaded by the Spirit of the Peace of Christ, so that you become builders of peace and solidarity. The word of My Son gives you strength and courage. You all make efforts to (?that?) the Gospel of Jesus be lived by everyone who seeks Him. Feed yourselves on the word of God and on Eucharist. Endure with courage and hope the hard times, the endurance of life, including the temptations, and overcome them as much as possible, with joy. With great trust in My extraordinary protection, go ahead without discouragement. Respect the feelings of your brothers and make yourselves available to those in need. If you act as I tell you, Jesus will live more and more in you and you will increasingly become His instruments, as builders of peace, fraternity, true love, solidarity, since that it will not be you that will be acting, but it will be Jesus that will be living more and more in you. Hence, love will always be more understood, and in you I will see the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.


Marvelous are your deeds, Lord


When you look around, many are the times when the questioning about the origin of the world, of the man, of the technique, of the intelligence producing it are impelling in your spirit. Undoubtedly, dear children, you wonder where all the things you admire come from and you are taken to think precisely about the endless intelligence, the kindness and the perfection of your Creator. Thus, I invite you to comfort the heart of God, as He loves you. If you knew how much He loves you, you would cry for joy. You know God by means of the world created, but, in behalf of the creation, proclaim His glory. Listen to the voice of God and avoid all kinds of evil. Be aware that you are important to the eyes of God. Despite your defects, My Son loves you endlessly. Also remember that God must be in His place, i.e., in the first place. The creature, in spite of being highly noble and precious, cannot and shall not be preferred rather than God. He is a jealous God. Only the Lord must be on the summit of all your interests, and He is totally entitled to so require, precisely because He is your Creator and Savior.


You will be great if you serve God: the branch cannot live if it is not in the grape tree. By parity, the man not subject to God or that takes God out of his own life, may believe that he is affirming himself, but in fact, he is condemned to the death of the spirit. And the certainty of that is in the very practical results of those ideologies that exalt the man, offending God and denying Him the absolute primacy over all things and over the man himself. You are in the heart of God. Undoubtedly, you have in you His image, but unfortunately, this image is disfigured by the sin. You have to restore it; you have to recast it; you have to save it. Therefore, this is the duty of your Christian life. This is the time when you should insist, above all, on the purification of your heart. You should especially accept the purification of your thoughts, of your intentions, of your will, of your feelings, of your affections, of your wishes, of your passions, in short, of your whole inner world, so that your external attitude be truly sincere and not a fruit from that wish of human glory against which My Son has been so severe.


Your greatest temptation is that of seeming to be Christians instead of actually being Christians, being committed with ideologies and fashions of this world, as many times you want to please more the man than God. Search for means to make credible and attractive your valuable testimony, but always with the intention that the men do not have their attention focused on you, but in such a way that, by means of you, they find God and reach Him. For that, you should endeavor to be gentle instruments in the hands of God.


Eucharist: My Son is Present


My Son is the eternal Priest who is present, just like in Heaven, in the holy Sacrament. It is precisely in the presence of the Eucharist that you can better understand and appraise the meaning of My presence among you. With the Eucharist, you will have strength to carry out your great mission: you will find courage to take part in the life of the Church. Hence, you will be contributing towards building up peace and love. In fact, there is not a true mission if one does not live deeply the Eucharistic mystery as the communion with My Son: alive, truly, present by means of the sacrament, Sacrificed lamb for the salvation of you all. By means of the Eucharist you have the chance to value your life. But you cannot take part in Eucharist, if you do not have the true faith in God, Unique and Triune.


If you live in communion with Christ, in an attitude of humbleness and fear, you will be ready to experience the deep spiritual power of Eucharist. If you accept the gift of Christ with gratitude for everything He has made for you, you will become ready to experience the deep spiritual power of Eucharist. If you accept the gift of Christ with gratitude for everything He has made for you, you will become ready, before the Holy Spirit, to comply with the vocation God has given you as members of the Church. At last, if you recognize in Jesus and in the gift of His Eucharistic sacrifice, the source of that truth, which is the only one that may make you free, your hearts will be purified for rendering the true cult to God and for working for His Kingdom of justice and peace. Express your gratitude to God for the gifts received, by taking part in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the sacrament of the peace of Christ, because it is the memorial of the saving, redemptive sacrifice of the cross. It is the sacrament of victory over the divisions coming from personal sin and from the collective selfishness.


Go into all the world and preach the good news


My dear children: if you want to follow the example of My Son Jesus, you, priests and bishops, should live and act in such a way that allows you to be available to the flock, from the most important member to the smallest member. You should want to be among them, being either wealthy or poor, refined or in need of education. With readiness you should scatter His joys and sorrows, not only in your thoughts and prayers, but also by actually being among them, so that, before your presence and ministry, they may experience the love of God. You will only be capable of announcing it effectively, if you listen to the word of God and if you live it in your daily life. The message of My Son - The Gospel - should continue as the main point of your spirituality, the purpose of your daily prayers and meditation, so that it may be the source of your joy and fecundity. Be comforted by the truth that you are not alone in this work, because you rely on the support and blessing of My Son Jesus, Prince of Peace. Proclaim Jesus and His Beatitudes to all creatures that freely opt for listening to your words. Proclaim the good news and the growth of the Kingdom of God to every one of My dear and innocent children: this is the program taken over by the Church, as something received from Its Founder, Jesus, from the morning of Pentecost. Do not hesitate to sacrifice everything to remain faithful to Christ, your dear Savior and Friend. Fight against the religious indifferentism (indifference), the dangerous temptation of the modern times.


God is love: that this thought of faith always give you serenity, inner peace and safety, and cause your life to be meritorious before God. In Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life, all promises and hopes find their answers. In Him you will find the precious gifts of sanctity and perfection, because He is the sign of a friendship, of an endless love, of an indescribable affection of the Father for each of you. Use all your efforts to lead all the people of God through the way of salvation. Do not be silent before the misleading campaigns that intend to defend the partial aspects of life, but which, in fact, go against the sanctity of the matrimony and of the conjugal intimacy. Make stronger, with the help of the Holy Spirit, the character of the conjugal love against models of matrimony and families so distant from the evangelic ideal.


You cannot miss the deleterious effects produced among your humble people by the aggressive proselytical (proselytizing) campaigns that fundamentalist sects and new groups are performing in Brazil, especially in the past few years. I know that you want to see the peace and happiness reigning in the hearts of your brothers. Therefore, you should keep up proclaiming the word of God, the saving action of Christ, by means of sacraments, the acceptance and the response to the gift of salvation. I know your concerns and zeal for the weak and abandoned people. Perform your sacerdotal assignments with love and sincere devotion, so that everyone may feel the closeness of the Church receiving them, giving them support and help as a Mother. Give special attention to the poor and abandoned people. Be men of undeniable integrity and honesty, and give examples of a healthy moral life, as you are often seen by the others as a model to be copied. Be humble, since this way you will be embracing the simple mode of living, in imitation to Christ that made Himself poor for you. If you are not poor in spirit, it will be difficult for you to understand the problems of the weak and forgotten. Make yourselves available to the poor and to those in need, so that they may get closer to you and open themselves up to you with no constraints.


Be Christ the central point of your life and carry out the assignment He has entrusted to you for the construction of His Kingdom. Following the example of My Son Jesus, you should have prudence, maturity and humbleness to work harmoniously and under the legitimate authority for the good of the Body of Christ, and not arbitrarily and independently. Be men of prayer before the Holy Sacrament, and pray to My Son for that spirit of true adoration, so that you will become imbued with the love of Christ. Then, you will be able to imitate My Son and make fruitful your ministry. Do everything at the light of the Gospel, so that you prepare the advent of the Kingdom of God, that Kingdom of God, that in the earth is already as a germ in the Church and is to be complete in Heaven.


Be loyal to your Holy Church, so that It be the light of the world and of the earth, ferment of liberation and promotion of the man not only in the natural plan, but also in the supernatural plan, an annunciation of a perspective of salvation and dignity that exceeds the boundaries of the human nature and reaches up the condition of children of God. This is the opportune time for you all to reflect upon the great and committing duty of working for the diffusion of the Kingdom of God, in observance of the Commandment of My Son Jesus. You that already have the marvelous gift of the faith and have the joy of taking part in the saving mysteries, cannot fail to respond to the graces you have received, especially with a renewed effort, today and ever, by causing such a faith to grow up inside of you, causing it to get sturdy in loyalty and be translated into effective collaboration, into effectively diffusing the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Peace, of love and hope.


The life in the Church in each one of its ministers is life in Christ, by means of the Holy Spirit; a life full of grace and sanctity, nurtured by the word of God and by the participation in the sacraments and in the ongoing strive against temptation and sin. Your great purpose as shepherds of the people of God is to strengthen the communion between the faithful and the Holy Trinity. I ask you to be true Friends of your people, by always offering them the example of the Good Shepherd. As priests and ministers of God, watch over your flock. Many are those among you that are not faithful to Lord's will. This is the time of the great return to the God of Salvation and Mercy. The time has come when you should listen to the successor of Peter and Pope, Pope John Paul II. Remember that this is your great responsibility. Remember the poor souls that need salvation through you. The time has come when you should put on your ecclesiastical garment and sit down in the confessionary (confessional), so that the souls thirsty for God search His mercy by means of you. They need the sacrament of absolution; for this reason, you should make yourselves available thereto. Remember that God wants your help and availability. If you take the way I advise you, you will be going towards Heaven.


Undoubtedly, you do have a special and great responsibility in the preparation of matrimony, and in supporting the Christian family as a supernatural reality. But, a specific and non-transferable competence is also incumbent upon the spouses, who live in first person the reality of the familiar love and personality. The great evangelization cannot dispense the contribution of the Christian families in Brazil. You should offer your service to the only true God, and obey His Commandments. You are called one-by-one to give testimony of Christ, for your own forgiveness, your altruistic participation and service, and your prayer. In a given respect, the world is becoming acroatic. [?a very unusual and obscure word?: acroatic = acroamatic = “communicated orally, oral; hence abstruse, profound” (Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913); see www.thefreedictionary.com]. The time has come when you should be especially masters, since that many are those who wish to know the transcendental values. As priests you are also educators of the people of God, since they need a word of comfort that gives them courage in their legitimate aspirations. Your effort is especially that of maximizing and developing with joy the task that has been entrusted to you. I invite you to have feelings of thanks to God, who has given you the chance to be disciples of My Son Jesus. Give thanks, especially because He is with you. It is always Jesus who prepares the hearts: those of who preaches (?those who preach?) and those of who receives (?those who receive?) the good News.


Keep up loving the Pope, praying for him, following his exhortations. He needs the faith you show by serving with loyalty the Holy Catholic Church. I repeat, endeavor to take the good News to all peoples, in such a way that they not only observe the law of God, but so that they also spread their very nature as human beings, created in the Image and Likeness of God and provided with an inborn and inalienable dignity, that should be respected in all circumstances. This is the opportune time for you to be devoted to the great tasks of transmitting the full and integral faith to each generation, of defending the familiar life from everything that may render it weak and of complying with the needs of your fellow-citizens, especially the poor, the sick and those in suffering, those who lack education, being left aside in the process of growth and development. Together with your Bishops, you should lead the Church in Brazil to the fullness of the truth, to the fullness of Christ. You have been vested, by means of the Holy Spirit given to the Church by My Son, so that you are capable of actually teaching the ways of God. This is your vocation and your ministry. Christ, who lives in His Church, Unique, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic brought together all over the world, expects this service from you.


Where is the truth?


The truth is kept integral only in the Catholic Church. Grounded on the column of Apostles, the Catholic Church has spread itself to the extremities of the Earth. And the apostolic catholic Christian faith reached up your dear Brazil. This is how the construction of God was started, by work of those sent by God, by the continuers of the Apostles. The Church is the sacrament of salvation for you all, as My Son, Jesus Christ, has given it to Peter saying: “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Therefore, outside the Church, salvation is difficult. Resist the temptation to abandon your Church. Do not give heed to false prophets. Once again, I tell you that the truth is kept in its entirety only in the Catholic Church.


The growth of sects in your nation is great; and this is the time when your Heavenly Mother says: its enough. Stop offending My Son. Currently, the causes making favorable the spreading of sects in your nation are: insufficient religious education, the abandonment endured by some communities, especially in rural and suburban areas, the lack of a customized attention to the faithful, the need felt by latter for an authentic experience of God and of a more living and active liturgy. I know that many of you are bound to that respect, but also, another great number of people do not even care to carry out the assignment entrusted thereto. Make deeper the inexhaustible wealth of the word of God that gives light and saves. Prepare your hearts with humbleness to take the heavenly truths, with your spirit free from each and every human preconception. In other words, dear children, know how to be a little away from the things of the earth and live oriented to the things of Heaven, so that you can reach an ardent intimacy with Christ that is the one who reveals eternal truths, and in your turn, you may lead others to the light of faith. Know that the true wisdom is that coming from God.


Do not let yourselves be misled by the false wisdom


The Church, from a position of poverty and freedom in relation to the powers of this world, shall bravely announce the law of fraternal love, the necessity of communion and solidarity among men, the unavoidable requirements of justice, the bright hope of eternal life. Since that God, who is in the center of life and history, continues calling men and women, children and elderly, men of learning and illiterates, the poor and the wealthy, to offer them by the handful the unfathomable wealth of His love. Therefore, do not save efforts to respond to this priority responsibility and of so much transcendence for the present and future of the Church in Brazil. In this sense, you should feel bound, by offering your generous contribution to the best formation of everyone who needs to find My Son Jesus, since that in spite of their little instruction, they know that My Son is the way, the truth and the life.


Always transmit the genuine sacerdotal fraternity, so that your faithful feel support in their ministerial attitudes and always find stimuli to comply with their commitments to God and to the Holy Church. Never be discouraged. Trust. Be brave. Undoubtedly, many are the challenges you have to face to have the saving message of Jesus Christ resounding with greater ardor and being present in all Brazilian homes. With live hope in the merciful love of My Son, trust that all that will come out under the action of the Holy Spirit, a growing renovation of the Church, in its structures, charism and ministries, making it more live, present and operational as a sacrament of salvation among men. This is My wish and the wish of My Son.


I ask you (?your?) confidence


Do not be afraid before difficulties. In a given respect, it is normal for them to exist, since that once they are faced and settled with the help of God, they allow the promotion and strengthening of your virtue. Dear priests: with prudence and wisdom, encourage the efforts, correct the abuses, support the weak, guide all energies towards the greatest capacity which is giving and receiving. You all, by means of prayer and reflection, may offer the light of the Gospel and the radiation of its ethic and spiritual ideal. Your life should be based on the faith and on the love of God, and it should be certainly inspired in loyalty and generosity, so that you are a source of satisfaction for yourselves and for the people, to which you render service for love of Lord. My Son has clearly shown you His will and left the touching example of the love you need in the exercise of your noble and great mission. He, who has made the deaf hear and the mute speak, will always be by your side with His Omnipotent love, so that your work produces abundant fruits for the Kingdom of Heaven.


The God of Alliance is the God that lets free and saves. It is God who shows men His providence and fatherly solicitude. I want My presence to be for you all, a providential occasion for the renovation of the effort of conversion to Christ, which is based on the reflection and on prayer, but also on sacramental life. In these times, give room to the sacrament of penitence or reconciliation that restores the full intimacy with God in the souls. Open up your hearts to the One who sees what is hidden and who is your Father and Savior. Allow for My Son to reign in the deepness of your heart. Do not deny Him the trust and generosity. He will be with you. The mission awaiting you is noble; great will be your reward if you are loyal to Him.


It is necessary to believe


You know that the prop of the walker is the faith. Do not forget that the Christian life is a pilgrimage and that the faith is your 'money', your provisions. Search in Christ courage and enthusiasm to give testimony of the hope inhabiting your hearts. Live the union with Christ, with ardent faith in prayer, so that you can always find in Him the required power for you to persevere and become just like Him. Persevere in prayer to God and never let your hope fade away. With faith in the only God that is the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and of everything else that is visible and invisible, you, the followers of My Son, are inspired to work in the promotion of peace and harmony among all peoples of the earth. Cause the faith of your Baptism to be consolidated, listen to the word of God, not only as a teaching, but as a personal word of the Lord that loves you and speaks to each one of you.


In reflection and prayer, digest His message of Truth and Salvation. When exchanging information between you and the elderly, consider the path to be taken. My Son's word is in fact the sap that goes from the trunk to the branches, which is you all. From God you have come and to Him you should go. You all are in the hands of the Lord. And once again I tell you: you are loved, one by one, by the Father, in the Son by means of the Holy Spirit. In spite of your infidelity, the Lord does not abandon you. Praise His name because He cares about you and wants to save you; lighted by the faith and by the Gospel of My Son, be faithful to the action of the Holy Spirit so that you can respond to the discrepancies expecting you. My Son has taught you how you should proceed to take part in His life. He gave Himself up for you, in order to free you from sin and from the death, and with His Resurrection, He has opened up to you the doors leading to Heaven. Therefore, be strong in faith. Live it with simplicity and sincerity.


Faith causes you to know the definite truth of things, of people and of God. The faith does not take you away from the world, from your friends and from the things you enjoy doing. By embracing the faith and by letting yourselves be loved by Christ, you are not escaping yourself nor the others, but you find in the faith the true meaning of life. Do not be afraid of the truth. It is the great power capable of leading to salvation. Follow Christ and His Church with loyalty. The world is thirsty for God and for spiritual values. In order for you to carry out this action, it is required that each of you let yourselves be lighted by the word of God, by means of a constant and pondered liturgy. Listen to the teachings of your bishops and priests.


Be watchful, generous and sharp in discerning the functions and responsibilities that have been entrusted to you. You all have been called to contribute to the plan of salvation. Be men of faith; for that, it is certainly required to live in conformity to the faith of the Baptism and the commitments undertaken therein. Raise your flag in favor of the Pope and of the Bishops in communion with Him. The selfishness and luxury, the irresponsibility before the problems and suffering of those in need are still a temptation for you, and many are the times, when the Christian falls asleep in this mode of living. If you want to imitate the Lord, that is Holy, try to love your neighbor, as God loves you and is good to you. It is required to love His Commandments and to have hope in His promises. If you do not appraise with love the law of God you will hardly observe it. If you want to reach a very concrete grace, your heart should be tranquil. Then, you go towards the true happiness. Tell everyone that God is truth; that God does exist. As messengers of happiness, tell all your brothers that He is the Father and wants to save you all. For this reason, He has given you His Son, your Savior. Give testimony of the truth My Son has told you. Do not waste time. Listen, now, today, to what God has to say to you.


Pray for the Pope for him to keep up taking his message of faith and hope to everyone who needs the love of God. Pray for him, especially because he is betrayed, abandoned and ignored by his closest collaborators.


I came from heaven with My heart full of joy to comfort you and give you courage. Ahead with Me in obedience, in prayer, in availability and in trust. My Son has revealed to you the mystery of divine life. He told you about the Father who loves you and wants you a happy and holy people. He has introduced himself to you as the Son, the one sent by the Father. He announced the coming of the Holy Spirit that would come to continue His work among you. The last words He spoke to His Apostles before the ascension, could not be clearer in distinguishing the holy people: ”Baptize them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” For this reason, your acts should be performed by calling on the Holy Trinity. You are happy because the Father loves you and has loved you so much that He has sent His Son to save you.


You know that you are reconciled to the Father by Christ. Even when you are in difficulties, do not be discouraged, because shines in you the hope that you might reach up to God. And such a marvelous hope is fed by the presence of the Holy Spirit in you, the gift of God promised by resurrected Jesus. Pray to God, the Father, begging for you the Holy Spirit, Spirit of truth that conveys you the love of the Father and leads you, helping you to be loyal to the call of God. Be docile. Docility to the Holy Spirit that accompanies you and gives you the teaching of My Son Jesus makes you value your life constantly in fruits of sanctity.


Your sincere testimony


Do not be afraid of speaking about My messages. Do not let buried the truths I tell you herein, but proclaim them to everyone who needs the mercy of God. Allow yourselves to be led by the hands of the Lord. Convert yourselves if you want to be happy. Pray; give testimony of your faith by means of prayer and conversion. I did not come here to force you, but, with the love of a Mother, to take you to Heaven. Once again I ask (?of?) you a weekly confession. Confess your sins on a weekly basis and do not hide any of your sins. If you make a good confession, and if the priest, in the name of My Son, forgives you, your soul will be saved. Do not sum up sins to confess. Confess always when you need the forgiveness and mercy of God. There is the danger of eternal condemnation for those who do not care about confession. Pray, because only by praying you will be able to understand the meaning of the messages I leave you. Do not start any of your works without praying.


My Son knows you by your name and knows what you have in your heart. Allow to be led by the One that has words of eternal life. My Son expects you to make something important for Him. Do not leave buried the talents He has given you. Be, in Christ, the distributors of His graces and blessings. Hence, you will be showing the presence and the kindness of My Son to all your brothers.


You all should be aware that it is necessary to sow love. Be sure that you all are in My Heart. And you, more than ever, should have courage, faith, hope and trust. Keep My Words inside your hearts and you will become life. By means of these messages I want to take you to My Son, because He is the way, the truth and the life. Be sure that I am always with you to make you alike My Son in everything. When you feel tired and discouraged, come to Me and I will give you the joy only Heaven offers. When you find out the true meaning of My presence, you will always have with you the blessing of God, the Father and Creator. The way you should take is that of conversion and penitence, of humbleness and of the love. Be true brothers of your bishops and priests. Try to share their responsibilities in an understanding and sympathetic manner and liven them up in their identity, as ministers of the word of the sacraments.


Have a deep and lasting hope that tomorrow will be plentiful of the presence of God. Refuse the violence, refuse the disdain, refuse the falsity or dishonesty. Take the risk, if required, but remain faithful to the love privileged by the poor and the children. Respect the dignity of every man, even if he has deceived you. Learn to forgive and reconcile, because you are the witnesses of Christ, who has given His own life for the multitude of people, in the endless love that is in the Heart of the Life of God and that He allows you to share with Him. I repeat: God calls each one of you to develop the gifts He has offered you. Do not keep your arms crossed. Ahead. You all know that the response to the call from God is free. This is clearly seen in the Gospel: A young man leaves in order to not waive the wealth, while My Son loved him.


Created in His Image and in His likeness


You have received the life from your Creator by means of your parents, as well as the power of your spirit and the capability of your love. This is the time when you should form your personality. Be persevering. Be honest. Be loyal, worthy of the trust of your brothers, of your fellows, of those younger than you that go after you. You really know that if you want to receive everything without doing your best, you will not be happy. Your learning will not give you satisfaction, unless with your constant diligence. Respect your body. Do not take the risk, for lack of conscience, of disease and of the accident. Do not let yourself be led by the fruitless satisfaction of the alcohol and the drugs that reduce you to slavery. Inside yourself, listen to your conscience that urges you to be pure. As regards the marriage, once again I tell you: the sacrament of matrimony is something serious, it is a ground for a solid building. One home cannot be fed up by the flame of pleasure that burns fast as a handful of dry herbs. The passing meetings do anything else but (?do not do anything else but? or ?do nothing else but?) caricature love, break the hearts and offend the plan of God.


If you put your trust in Christ, you will be able to lead your life with generosity in the purity of the Gospel. It is true for the family moral, it is true for the moral of honesty in the presence of the good, it is true in all fields of solidarity, in which each one is responsible, on its turn, for that he causes his brothers and sisters to live. Your responsibility is not grown-up if you do not destroy the individualism that causes you to escape from the others. The dialogue is the source of wisdom. Sharing is the source of wealth. It is in the working environment, in the studying community, in the community of leisure, in the community of your neighborhood that each one acquires his true dimension as a man. Try to get together in groups. Open up the Scriptures together, search for what Christ and the Holy Catholic Church tell you, so that you can act that way with your fellows, you can positively react before the ”let it go”, or the individualism that blocks the society. Ahead, always with courage and trust. Get yourselves prepared together, share the love with all your soul. Take a young face to everything you do, wherever you go to. Remember that your main purpose should be the glory of God and the salvation of the souls.


In order to make your testimony believable, your life should radiate joy and courage, even before adversity. But this will only be possible if your inner life is marked by an intimate communion with Christ, nurtured by the personal prayer and by doing charity. As you grow up following the model of My Son, you will become a sign of hope and a live proclaiming of the resurrection. Do not lose hope. Do not be discouraged before difficulties. It is amidst the difficulties you should give testimony of your fundamental orientation and your relation with My Son Jesus. Thus, you will reach the fatherland, the house of God. You will overcome yourselves. This is your spiritual path, the path that challenges and invites each one of you, especially you the young people, because for you My Son is in a special manner the Way, the Truth and the Life. My Son has overcome you in order to teach you how to overcome yourselves, of how to find life with Him, how to make your life real in Him, your path, in order to teach you how to find in Him the fullness of the truth.


The joy of your presence


You are altogether here to pray for the incommensurable gift of the faith to be lived with more conscience and be participated with greater generosity by each one of you, for every single Brazilian to be personally committed in the evangelization, by praying, being a good example and helping. Today, I shelter you all inside My Immaculate Heart. My Heart is the safe place to which I want to lead you, in order to move you away from the ambushes of My adversary. My Heart is the remedy for your pain and it is the place where you will be protected at the time of the great storm. Be attentive and watchful, as Satan wants to use all means against you in order to take you away from the path of salvation. Pray. Listen to what your Heavenly Mother says to you now. I came from Heaven to lead you through the way of Salvation. Listen to Me. I did not come here to force you, but to say to you: Read and believe in the Gospel. Listen to what your superior ecclesiastics say. Do not condemn anyone, but pray for those who are away from God. Remember that only God is the Supreme Judge.


As sons of God, created in His Image and Likeness, you cannot keep your arms crossed, but you should, with courage, allow for others to find Him. I know your faults, but I know as well that there is a great reserve of kindness inside your Heart. You are not reprobate, but you are invited to give testimony that you belong to Christ and that following the example of Christ you should always do good. Your life is full of graces and blessings. And as a Mother, I want to ensure you that you are close to the Heart of God. My Son is the truth that lightens, frees and gives meaning to life; He is the complete answer to the deep questions asked by the men. The truth that is Christ, the truth that has Christ should become light to the others, to the world. I will pray to God Almighty to continue giving you the gifts of wisdom and understanding, so that, in your noble mission, you may offer an inspiring guidance and render a service more and more generous, following the greatest aspirations of your people and in favor of the authentic good of the man, of the woman and of the children all over Brazil.


Endeavor in such a way that an increasing number of children and young people, living in a marginal situation, may meet and recognize Christ as the Savior. Always recognize the great mission of your Bishops and priests. Pray for them. Walk with them. Live a full communion, that being more and more united to Christ, Way, Truth and Life, makes of your life a live testimony of your faith. You that is (?are?) listening to Me, at the light of the Christian faith, encourage those who are hungry and thirsty for God, to learn the universe created by Him. Arouse in them the love for the truth that excludes the superficiality in learning and judging. Revive the Christian sense that rejects the naïve acceptance of lots of information. Direct them to the order, to the method, to the prescription and to the sense of responsibility. Supply them the sacrifice and the perseverance required for the hard day-to-day work.


Mother and Queen of your nation


Here, in your nation, where My adversary was able to entice to error a great number of My poor children, with your help, I want to perform great prodigies in the silence and in the hideout. My Heart breaks into pieces when I see that a great number of the most disfavored people are treated as valueless animals. I recall you that they, just like you, have value at God's sight and that they are dear treasuries to Me. I suffer for those who undergo misery and hunger. I suffer for those who frequently are victims of hatred and violence. I came here to comfort you and help you. I did not come here to condemn you, but to show you the Lord's will. See how much the poor suffer. Many are the displaced people and the refugees, those who suffer for lack of love and hope, those that succumbed to the evil and closed themselves up from the spiritual light, those whose Hearts are full of bitterness, for being victims of injustice and of the predomination of the strongest ones.


Selfishness takes the place of the moral courage and solidarity. The self-value is measured then in terms of possessing instead of being. Effectively, an atmosphere of great and small injustices and of uncountable forms of violence is formed. What is accepted as true freedom is in fact a kind of slavery. The violence perpetrating in Brazil does not solve in any way the true problems of your people. This is not the method chosen by the people of God. It does not offer any truth that may attract and convince the spirits and the hearts of the suffering people. Its only expression is the fear and the destruction it causes. The world that, in its most part is marked by the avidity of exploration and by the disdain of the weakest, should have its behavior changed and accept with a fraternal spirit all those in suffering both in their bodies and souls.


Today, a great part of the humanity is led by the power of those who oppose to God, and thus, day-by-day, a great number of souls is thrown into hell. Hence, I invite you to the great return to The One who is your Merciful Father and waits for you with wide-open arms. Do not let yourselves be led by the ambushes of My adversary. Listen to what your Heavenly Mother says, the Woman Clothed with the Sun. I want to embrace each one of the Brazilians and lead them through safe paths. Love everybody, even those who are away from God and from Me. I implore to My Son for each one of you, for those who are victims of hatred and violence. I suffer for those who disdain the Messages of peace and Salvation My Son has proposed you. I did not come from heaven to save you, but to offer you the possibility of salvation. My Son's appeals for conversion are turned down, and for this reason, there is the risk of eternal perdition for many souls.


I also acclaim to you, that listen to Me, that you pray to your Guardian Angel, because it is also incumbent upon him the great task of guarding you from the ambushes of My adversary. Do not be discouraged, because you have especially the protection of God, your Father. Satan was able to disseminate his errors all over. Even inside the Church, he deceived many, causing them to embrace the wrongful teachings, as that of the theology of liberation, and deny the preaching of the successor of Peter and Pope, Pope John Paul II. If the humanity does not come back to God, through the way of conversion, it will not be long before a great punishment falls upon you. The time has come when you should accept everything I have been telling you. If you respond to My appeals, you will be starting the great triumph of My Immaculate Heart. Listen to Me. I want to be by your side, following your steps and always interceding for you to do everything My Son tells you.


You are walking towards an unknown future, but certainly full of potentiality and optimism for the Kingdom of God. Remember that you all carry the weight of your responsibilities before the suffering of your brothers. Recognize your sins with humbleness, the first origin of all sources that afflict the world. Be builders of the peace and return to the God of Salvation: the peace among you is a hard task to which you should generously collaborate. Peace cannot be reached by the way of intransigency nor being egocentric. To the contrary, it will be reached if the trust, comprehension and solidarity that make you brothers are formed; you the men inhabiting this world, created by God for everyone to take part in His properties in an equating manner. If you walk with Christ, if you take Him as a travel companion to indicate you the way, you will follow towards the Heaven, whereto you have been especially created.


The voice of the Lord is His presence in you by means of the Baptism. Each one of you should discern the appeal made to you. However, to the priest, the Church is incumbent to authentically confirm the appeal and to entrust a mission. I will implore to Lord to help you to find your way in following Him. If you live as My Heart wishes, your faith will be reinforced and revitalized, and enhanced will be your feelings of adhesion to the principles, ideals and teachings of the Church -- Unique, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.


Trust the merciful love of the Lord: never doubt the forgiveness of God. Regret yourselves with sincerity and open up your hearts to the Lord, to rediscover that you are very valuable at the (?in?) God's sight. For you to respond to the appeals of God, you should get closer to Christ, the source of living water that gives you strength and purifies you. My presence brings to you more hope, love and faith. I invite you to find out in yourselves the wealth of the gift of God. Listen to Christ, your Savior, by means of My Messages. He is the Good Shepherd that knows His Sheep and who has given His life to save them from the evil and from the lie, to take them away from the wrong paths and to prevent them from falling into the abyss. Live in the certainty of the definite meeting with The One to which you have lived, in which you have believed and for which you have awaited.


Christ is your hope


With Christ you have the forgiveness of the sins; and, thus, the world finds reconciliation with God in Christ. Stop and just imagine how big is the love of Jesus for you. The Sacrifice of the Cross, made for love, has undoubtedly had a redemptive power: love is stronger than the sin. In the love of My Son, the world, and especially the man, was reconciled with God. The love that Jesus has offered you in the Cross has this winning power: (?it?) unites with the Father everything that for the sin has been set aside from Him. Everything that because of the sin has been opposed to God, is in Christ once again directed to the Creator and Father.


Accept the teachings Jesus gives you by means of His Gospel. Accept the Truths the Church of Christ presents you. The Catholic Church is reconciling, as it shows the ways and offers the means. The ways are exactly those of conversion of heart and of the victory over the sin, either the selfishness or the injustice, the domineering or the exploration of another, the attachment to material goods or the unbridled search for violence. The means of Salvation are those of the faithful and lovely listening to the word of God, the path of personal or community prayer, and especially, the sacraments, truthful signs and instruments of reconciliation among which the one that outstands (stands out) most is, especially from this respect, the one that, rightly, you call as sacrament of reconciliation or penitence. God supports the perseverance and the courage of everyone who truly and lovely (?lovingly?) works for the disclosure of My Messages.


I should know that (?for?) everything you do in My favor, you will be rewarded twice. Redouble your efforts in order to make closer and closer the communion between you and the Church, and to make stronger the solidarity among all the Brazilians. You are witnesses, worthy of being noticed, of the love of the Holy Trinity that was inculcated in your soul on the day of your Baptism. With the certainty of this trinity blow (??below??) of loving and harmonious availability of intentions, endure with courage the great challenges the world presents you. Be prepared to be the dispensers of the gifts of God, having your hearts open to everyone. Additionally, offer all the people of God the means for deepening their own spiritual life, in such a way that, when they discover more and more the joy of the beauty of the love of God, in the spirit of Beatitudes, the dynamism of their commitment as sons of God will be renewed. Help the young people to take the steps to move towards Christ and to deepen more and more the wealth of the faith and live it. Encourage everyone to put into practice the appeals of God. Put into practice, in this sense, means living the Commandment of love, source of serenity and peace. It is required to overcome the evil with the good, use the gifts received to serve one another, and be continuously covered with feelings of Mercy, of kindness, of humbleness, of gentleness and patience. If you want to find satisfaction for the thirsty (?thirst?) of happiness that inflames your heart, it is to Christ - the Path, the Truth and the Life - that should direct your steps.


The signs I offer you


My perseverance all over the world and among you is a sign of My worrisome kindness of Mother. For centuries I have come to the world by means of countless apparitions in order to ask your conversion and Consecration to My Immaculate Heart. I am also present in My statues, with tear dropping, including blood tears, in order to call you to the great return to the God of Salvation. I come as a humble servant of the Lord, with total obedience to His Gospel and to His Church, to the Pope and to the bishops and priests in communion with Him. I did not come to force you, but what I say should be taken seriously. Listen to what I say with humbleness, because it is with love I am amidst you. In Heaven I ask to My Son for you and for your suffering brothers.


Your walk to Heaven starts when you become obedient. Only God, by pouring His love into the hearts, by calling you to faith and by granting you the gift of hope, makes you grow up in communion with Him and among you. You should know that the human history is not an absurd labyrinth and your existence does not definitely go towards death and nothing. My Son with His divine and unfailing words shows you that God has created you for love and expects from you, during your existence in earth, a response of love, so as to make you, after the time, participants of His eternal love. Certainly the Heavens await you. Certainly, each one of you should use efforts in order to remain in the way of sanctity, by making your own talent, and causing to yield, especially, the seed He has left you. But you should do that always recalling that after your death, you will have in Heaven a home prepared by God, i.e., an eternal resting place.


You all are equal


I am the Mother of you all, especially of those who suffer for racial prejudice. Do not look with indifference to your black brothers, since that, they are, just like you, sons of God. The faith in only one God, Creator and Redeemer of the entire human kind created in his Image and Likeness, comprises the absolute and inflexible denial of the racist ideology. You cannot invoke God as father of everyone, if you refuse the fraternal treatment to your black brothers, who have also been created in the Image and Likeness of God. The work of Salvation performed by God in Christ is universal. The addressee thereof is not only the elect, but the entire race of Adam. Feed (?Feeding?) up racist thoughts and take (?taking?) racist attitudes is a severe sin that goes against the specific message of My Son, according to which the fellow man is only the man who lives close to you, among you, of your religion or of your nation: your fellow man is everyone you run into, day-by-day, on your way. You should know that all the racist theory goes against the principles of the Catholic faith, against the Christian love and may move the man away from his Creator. Racism is an open sore in the Heart of humanity, and in order to have it cured it is required a lot of sturdiness, a lot of patience, and especially, acceptance of the divine message and love.


The sad phenomenon of slavery, which formerly was highly universal, unfortunately is not totally overcome, thus, the heart of the man gets more and more closed to the God of salvation and peace. When there is a lack of justice in this sense, violence and wars break out easily. Convert yourselves, convert yourselves, convert yourselves. There should be no discrimination and prejudice, as God loves everyone. Salvation is offered to the universality of the human kind, to all creatures and nations. In view of your indifference towards the weak and abandoned people, Heaven 'cries' sadly and prays for you. Change your mind, your attitude. Delve deeply into the Holy Scriptures. God has something important to say to you by means of the Gospel. Remember that My Son has put down the wall of hatred that separates opposite worlds, so that all human beings were recapitulated in Him. I invite you to imitate the love of God, the piety to the follow man, especially to the weaker people and those in suffering. You are called to be witnesses of My Son: respond to Him, by growing in conscience of that He is to you and of that you are to Him. Be witnesses of life and hope.


I ask your consecration


When I ask your consecration to Me, you should understand that I want your existence. When you consecrate to Me, I feel this surrendering sincere and total. Then, I start being part of your life and taking care of you as highly loved children. Your consecration is the great gift you can offer Me. My Heart rejoices when you lay all your trust in Me. Since Fatima, when I appeared to three little shepherds, I have come to the world to ask the consecration to My Immaculate Heart. If you had put into practice what I had asked you to, peace would have come to the world. Nevertheless, I have not been heard. I want that your consecration be sincere and sentient. Never forget to pray for those who suffer in body and soul, for those affected by diseases or deficiencies, or those carrying the weight of loneliness and poverty. To all those I want to say: My Son is very close to you. Brother of all men, He is in the first place the Brother of those in disfavor among you.


Whenever you make your consecration to Me, say these words to Me: Mary, Queen of Peace and comforter of the distressed, we are here under your feet, with the heart full of joy just like You, to consecrate ourselves to Your Immaculate Heart, be always our constant Companion and protect us from dangers surrounding us. Bless our families and protect our Brazil, that also belongs to You. Gives us Your peace, because you are our Queen of Peace. Help us to live the Gospel of Your Son and to be gentle and humble at heart. With this sincere act of consecration, we intend, just like you do, to make the wish of the Father.


We see the danger the world is inserted into, and with Your help and Your grace, we want to save it. We promise you more fervor in prayer, in taking part in the Holy Mass, and especially, we promise You that we will be loyal to the Church of Your Son and to the successor of Peter, Pope John Paul II. We further promise You that we will live our consecration and take as many souls as possible to Your Dear Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. We ask Your Blessing and Your Protection to our dear Brazil. Amen.


My obedience: your happiness


Be ready to say your Yes, just like Me, to the Lord's will. Just like My yes, the heart (?hearts?) of those who live in total loneliness may find again the true joy. 'I am the Lord's servant' is the perfect and aware answer of your Heavenly Mother to the messenger of God. At that time, the Divine Word was deposited in My virginal breast. This is when Emanuel, the God with us, so announced by prophets for centuries, arrived for the joy of many and despair of the most. With My yes I have brought Him to the world, to live among you. When He was a child, I used to take Him in My arms, and touching His face, I used to say: ”My God, My Little God.” This is how I saw the God of Salvation and Peace grow up in My arms. Great was His love for the children who played with Him in front of the workshop of My chaste spouse Joseph.


Still when He was a little kid, around the poor house we lived in, little Jesus, sat on a stone, blessed everyone who passed by. In a gesture of endless love and kindness, He used to take water to travelers coming from faraway places. Everyone admired Him for the extreme kindness and love. I remember that, one day, as usual, we received a group of children, and among them there was a very curious child, who asked Him many questions. That child was called Dimas, and among his various questions, one question called My attention: ”When you grow up you want to be a King or Prophet?” And the little Jesus answered: ”I am the King of kings. I am the Prophet of prophets. Again I tell you: when I am on the Cross, you will be by My side.” And He added: ”There is a place for you in My house.” The little Dimas went on with his questioning, but he did not understand what Jesus had meant. Only after, on the Cross, beside My Son, he recalled the words of the little Jesus.


As a Mother, I used to accompany Him step-by-step and I saw how great was His love for everyone, and later on, His total surrender for the Salvation of the humanity was complete. And the little God grew up and by His side there was Me, who always accompanied Him and listened to Him speaking to great multitude of people, that touched, cried for joy. His soft voice could be heard kilometers away, for this reason there were no difficulties in dialoguing with the people, which surrounded Him by the thousands to listen to Him. Many were the times when He levitated over the multitudes, in order the make Himself visible to everyone who wanted to see Him.


His words comforted the most anguished hearts. His gestures conveyed serenity and peace. He was always not busy, at the disposal of everyone. Undoubtedly, even His greatest enemies admired Him, and many of them searched Him to excuse themselves. The offenses directed to Him have always had as answer: Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. His merciful and endlessly compassionate look expressed the purest love. His raised hands over the multitudes caused showers of graces to fall from Heaven. Always, that times, the blind could see, the deaf could hear, the mute could speak, the lame could walk. And the blessed multitude could feel closely the great love of God, the Father, the Creator.


His love for the world was complete on the Cross, at the time when He looked up to Heaven and said: ”Father, into your hands I commit my spirit”. Hence, it all was consummated. Even after Resurrection and before His Ascension to Heaven, My Son has made great prodigies, and everything He has done, He has done so with love and for love of you.


Today, as Mediator of all graces, I cause to come down from Heaven an extraordinary fall of graces over each one of you present here, and also over those that are here now, by heart. If you could imagine how great is the love I feel for you, you would cry for joy. I hope that this great message reinvigorates your faith and gives spiritual light to each one of you, so that you become more and more aware of the responsibility you have at these decisive times of your existence. I pray to God, the Father to overwhelm you with His blessings and graces, so that you can be faithful to Him. You should know that My Son loves you and awaits your great testimony. I hope that He keeps you forever. This is the small message I bring you in the name of the Holy Trinity. Thank you for letting Me gather you here once again. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Peace be with you.

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