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1 – Message from Our Lady of Anguera, transmitted in 10/10/1987

I am the Queen of Peace and want all my children to be at my side, to vanquish a great evil that could strike the world. But for this evil not to happen, ye must pray and have faith. My children, I desire the conversion of everybody as soon as possible. The world faces great dangers, and to be free from these dangers, ye must pray, be converted, and believe in the Word of the Creator, for by praying you will encounter peace for the world. My children, many of you go to church, but ye do not go with a pure heart. Ye go without faith. Many go just to show they are catholic and are in grave error. Ye should follow only one way, that of truth. There are sons who have not learned to forgive, but you must forgive your neighbour. Enmity is the work of satan, and he is satisfied when he manages to separate one brother from another. So I ask you with all my heart; burn with love. Be ye converted. Pray ye, and learn ye to pardon your neighbor.

2 – Message from Our Lady of Anguera, transmitted in 10/24/1987

My children. Many of you call me an evil spirit and even say I don´t exist. I am not what you think. I am the mother of the Savior and also your mother. Don´t wound my heart, it is already wounded enough. I don´t come to save, but to prepare you for salvation. Only one can save: Jesus. My children, be converted, be converted, be converted. Stay in peace.

3 – Message from Our Lady of Anguera, transmitted in 10/31/1987

My children. Many of you  say,”It´s dead, it´s over.” But no! I say to you with all my heart; by dying you will encounter a happy life, this if you properly complete your conversion. My children, my coming here is for the preparation of everybody as soon as possible. My Son will return one day to harvest the good fruits. So I want you to be prepared, completely converted, to be received as good fruits in the house of your Father. Pray the rosary in family to be free from temptations. Stay in peace.

4 – Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace, transmitted in 11/7/1987

Ah! My children, you don´t know how much my heart suffers from the sins you commit. My children, my suffering is so great that I implore you; for the love you have for my son Jesus, sin not. I want you to live in union with your neighbor. Don´t desire any evil for him, for The Father love all of you and wants to receive all of you in the kingdom of Heaven. Stay in peace.

5 – Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace, transmitted in 11/14/1987

My children, why do ye refuse to forgive your brother? Why do ye say: “Not even at the request of God do I forgive”? Do not say ye that! I know that many say: “I do not forgive”, but one day they will. But be ye careful, My children, so that this day is not too late. Do not say ye “tomorrow”, for ye do not know what may happen to you; follow ye the present, for only the Father can observe the future. My children, be ye very careful with My adversary, as he is losing strength each time more and wants to take revenge on innocent people who, for lack of faith, are not prepared with the Spirit of the Father. Know ye one thing: he does not compete with those who are alive in faith, he always seeks those who live just to live, without faith in anything, not even in the One who gave His life for you dying on the Cross. Stay ye in peace.

6 – Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace, transmitted in 11/21/1987

My children, I see so many sins in you. I suffer for this. Pray, pray that the sins you commit be eliminated from your thoughts. Live with your hearts full of happiness and love. Meditate in prayer and with fasting. I am your mother and my mission is to transmit peace to you. Make my heart and the Heart of My Son happy, for you will be rewarded on the day of your death. I desire the good of all, I love everybody, and live with everybody. Stay in peace.

Message for the clergy of the diocese of Feira de Santana.

My beloved sons who are always in my heart. I need your help to win this battle. Trust in my Immaculate Heart of your mother who loves you so much. I tell you sincerely that we will win this victory, but to do so, I need the union of all. I see much weakness in the hearts of some of my sons, but don´t lose heart. Create an active conscience for the good of the holy church. My beloved sons, follow me with an open heart, full of peace and hope in our great victory. I leave you with peace in each heart. Stay in peace.

Mary´s request:

Read the entire chapter of Matthew 6 each Tuesday and Thursday. Pray the rosary meditating with the prayer “My good Jesus, mercy, mercy, mercy” three times.

7 – Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace, transmitted in 11/28/1987

My children, pray for those with a hard heart, and also for those who do not believe in The Father, for they may suffer much. I suffer so much for these my children! But not even for this do I stop loving them. My children, true happiness comes from love, understanding, and faith; and not that which comes from hatred, fame, and riches. And it is from these things that so many of my children suffer. Know that The Father loves all and especially the most humble. Stay in peace.

8 – Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace, transmitted in 12/5/1987

My dear children. I cry because of the sins of each one of you. I cry also because of the crimes committed by mothers who abort their children. This is a great sin. A child who did not ask to be born is murdered by its own mother, what an ugly thing! Abortion is a crime, My children, and this makes Me very sad! My children, my coming has a very special goal: prepare you to be saved, and this is what I desire: the salvation of your souls. Stay ye in peace.

9 – Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace, transmitted in 12/12/1987

Dear children. Prepare yourselves for Christmas, to live a happy life, very happy. When this marvelous date approaches, what joy in my heart. Don´t make me sad with your sins. My children, do something for me and for yourselves. My children, do you want to be happy this Christmas? Then follow the teachings of Our Father and you won´t be sorry. He will make each one of you happy. But for this happiness to be constant, prepare yourselves, clear your hearts of hatred. If you do this, I promise you an unforgettable Christmas filled with peace.

10 – Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace, at Church Lord of Bonfim / Bonfim Fair / Bahia / Brazil, transmitted in 12/19/1987

My children, I invite you to be reconciled with your neighbor, to the love of God, and to confession this Christmas. I speak to you about Christmas again because I desire the happiness of each one of you. There is nothing I want more for you than peace, abundant peace for all this Christmas. I will share my happiness with everybody and give a very special blessing for each one of you. Those who are alive with faith will feel the presence of my Son. Stay in peace.

Message of Our Lady for the town of Bonfim de Feira:
Dear children, why don´t you like to hear the Word of God? Why do you hate Padre Gerard? Be careful, this can hurt you. He who doesn´t love a priest doesn´t love God. You know, my children, that priests are my beloved sons. Why hate them? I come here because I know you urgently need help. I want to help you, and need everyones´ help. It makes me sad to know that, in a place like this, with so many people, that in their hearts, only eighteen people believe in The Father.Don´t keep these mistaken thoughts, for you will be sorry, and it could be too late. Even so, I love you.

11 – Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace, transmitted in 12/26/1987

Dear children, pray that the world be a new world, renewed by peace. Pray asking for the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Through Him everything will be given to you in abundance. Have a great desire to be with God in prayer. Through your prayers, God will give you great things that you need. Dear children, I will be with you in all the difficult moments of your lives. For this, you need but one thing: faith. Thank you for the tenderness you have for me. I am grateful you responded to my appeal this Christmas. I will repay you. Stay in peace.

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