Dear children, Once again I come to call you to conversion. I ask you to wholeheartedly accept the messages My Lord sends through me. My dear children, know that my coming here is not by chance. Don´t consider something serious as a joke. Your doubts and misgivings are interferences of my adversary. Be careful. I ask each one of you to believe in my presence here and pray for those who don´t believe. They need much prayer. Pray for them. Christians need to accept the love of God. People need to pray more and more. You should spend the greater part of the day in a climate of prayer. You can´t imagine how many souls are in fact saved by your prayers. Once again I say; pray. Pray more and more. Don´t say you pray a lot. As your mother I say that you still don´t pray much. I want to warn you about the sacrament of confession. Go to confession frequently and pray more. Very few are following my message about confession. I tell you again that you shouldn´t confess just once a week, but rather when you feel the need to purify your soul. You must know that the sacrament of confession is very important. But be careful! Don´t hide any of your sins, or regard the priest as just any man. In the confessional, he represents Jesus Christ, your merciful Savior. Christ acts through His priests. This is a marvelous, surprising and consoling reality.For you priests, I don´t need to tell you of the great love I have for each one of you. In these last times, daily I have led you in the way of true imitation of My Son Jesus. For only in this way can you become signs of joy and consolation for all my children who live in the darkness of sin. Now is a most painful time for you. These are times when you will weep and see horrores everywhere. These are the times I predicted in various ways and by many signs. All men need to come to the knowledge of truth, to accept and follow the Gospel of Jesus. This is your task as ministers of God. Your priestly heart should be meek and humble, merciful and sensitive, pure and compassionate, and should always be at the service of your needy brethren. Nobody is free from colaborating with this plan of salvation, not even children, nor the suffering sick. All christians can and ought to do something within and around themselves. Everybody needs God, Christ. Whoever says he doesn´t need God is as a fool building on sand. Christians need to return to Christ. One must pray. Without prayer, life loses its meaning, and you will never attain your objectives. And so, you need to pray always to bring alive the gift of God. The same God Who became man and lived on this earth, going from village to village, doing good to all, today still goes after hearts open to His invitation: come follow Me. But people don´t want to follow Him. They are only interested in the things of this world, vanities and money. The time has come when I invite all christians to pray together for peace in the world and conversion of sinners. Courage, dear children. Courage! Don´t lose heart. Remember that the Divine Mercy never fails. And if you are at peace with God, you can overcome all your difficulties. You now have no great sins because you are careful not to commit them. But you must always be alert. Remain always in prayer. In your problems such as sickness, don´t despair. Know, dear children, that your sufferings help you and serve for the glory of the kingdom of God. Always remember that pain is never in vain. It never is useless. Be patient. Pray always. Always seek to be at peace with God and your brothers. You should always be builders of peace. But be aware that you don´t make peace with hatred of the destruction of others. PEACE IS MADE WITH PEACE. I am the Queen of Peace. I come to the world to help you have peace, the peace of My Lord and your Savior Jesus Christ. Priests, my beloved sons: I want to lead you to the heights of sanctity.So I ask each one of you to consecrate himself to My Immaculate Heart. Bring my protection upon yourselves. I invite you to be always attentive to the words of the Pope. Obey the vicar of Christ. Obey him in everything. His words give comfort, hope and confidence. All that he says is true. Pope John Paul II is the greatest gift My Immaculate Heart received from Jesus for these times of purification, which in truth are not good. The priesthood is a divine call. You already know this, since it refers to the most important service for the humble people of God. It is by your words that Christ comes to the world and is present among men. What a marvelous thing. Too bad that many of you don´t recognize the great power you possess. Your role as priest is indispensable. Everybody in the church can collaborate, but nobody else can do what the priests do. It is true that the Grace of God can act in the same way, especially where there is no ministry of God, and where nobody is to blame for this lack. But you can´t forget that the normal and sure way of redemption comes through the means instituted by Christ and the forms established by Him. Don´t be downhearted by the lack of youths in the Lord´s service. Be confident, pray, be courageous. Always proclaim the truth, nothing more than the truth.The truth that My Lord confided to you was not to be hidden nor buried. But to be proclaimed with humility and courage in the moment when it is threatened. When you need me, call me by name. I am here to help you. My powerful help is strongly sought by my first beloved son, Pope John Paul II, who is constantly invoking the divine mercy for you. Be sure that for your pastors, the bishops, there is nothing more important, urgent, or precious than your sanctity. And you, bishops of Brazil, I ask; be courageous. Don´t be afraid to speak the truth. Constantly announce Jesus Christ and His divine message. The Lord has entrusted the destiny of His church to you. You, my beloved sons, are the principal instruments of the victory of Christ. So, in the name of Christ and His Gospel, be fathers and brothers to your priests. To you, ministers of the church, bishops and priests, as Mother of the church, I have a request to make; proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to all men. Be masters of the Truth, this Truth that Christ Himself confided to you. As Mother of the Church, I see that you need a true union among you, bishops and priests. Another thing I ask of you; form around you a barrier of union and never become separated. This is my desire and the desire of My Lord. Lastly, I have an appeal to all the bishops of this great nation whom I greatly esteem and love: do your best to always be near to your priests. May The Holy Spirit enlighten you now and forever. Thank you for permitting me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit. Amen. Stay in peace.

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Our Lady Queen of Peace
Anguera, Bahia, Brazil

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