Good Friday. Today stay with me at the foot of the cross. It´s Good Friday. All is consummated. These are the last words of My Son Jesus before he gave that strong shout with which He gave up His spirit. Oh, my dear children, it is truly Good Friday. It is the day when your Heavenly Mother experienced her most profound sorrow. Live this day with me and see if there is a sorrow greater then mine, my dear children. Stay at the side of your most sorrowful mother.

Yes my dear children, Jesus accepted all with love. He didn´t complain. He didn´t say anything when they mocked Him. He only desired that the will of God be fulfilled at that moment. He offered Himself with love for you and for your salvation. All this had to happen. The will of the Father be done.

Pilate questioned Him and did not see in Him any crime that merited condemnation. Pilate did not want to condemn Him, but out of weakness, he turn Him over to suffer cruel violences.

Jesus goes up Mount Calvary with difficulty, carrying the heavy cross on His poor shoulders. Barely moving, He suffers a painful fall before He gets there. Inhumanly, His executors kick and stab Him to make Him get up and continue. With so much pain, Jesus could not do anything, but He fulfilled the will of His Father. When they stripped Him of His garments, I was at His side, and as His Mother, his executioners understood and permitted me to cover His nudity with my veil. In spite of the offenses, He doesn´t complain, accepting all with love, and offering all that suffering to His Father. I watch as they stretch Him out on the cross. His hair is clotted with the blood that covers His face. All bloody, spit upon, whipped and outraged, He looks at His mother beseechingly, but I can´t come closer because His executioners will not allow it. I feel the blows of the hammer as the nails pierce His hands and feet, and a terrible shock runs over my soul as the cross hits the bottom of the hole, making my heart beat violently with pain. Still, the worst pain was when they mocked Him for His falls, the contempt for His wounds, His injuries, His body sacrificed, the outrage for His groans of agony, the blasphemies for the supreme offer of His life. Above all, I felt pain for the contempt and rejection. My Son´s Heart is torn to pieces by this immense abandonment, even before it was pierced by the spear of the roman soldier.

The twelve apostles were not here at the foot of the cross. One betrayed Him, another denied Him and wept bitterly in the distance. The others were spread out and were afraid to come closer. Neither were His friends here, the same friends who received so much from Him. Just John was with me, strong and pure, innocent as a child. I could see in his eyes the deepest sorrow when he looked up at the cross, seeing his friend about to die. Jesus, up on the cross, in the last hours of His life, looks on us two and brightens with the certainty of infinite love as He says, “WOMAN, BEHOLD YOUR SON”

My beloved children, I, as mother of Jesus, and your mother, cannot let you continue going toward the abyss. Pay attention. Open your eyes. Look where you are going. Humanity still lives, thanks to many who pray the rosary and live in search of peace. Live in such a way that Jesus doesn´t shed tears of blood because of your sins. Good Friday is renewed each day in a broader, more universal way than the way it happened on the passion and death on the cross. Today, once more, Jesus is nailed to the cross, spit upon, outraged, despised, and abandoned by many of my children. My children, comprehend what this day means, and don´t despise Jesus, who died for you and for your salvation. As your mother, I want to teach you to love, and to accept suffering as Jesus did. Open your hearts and let me lead you. I bless you in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit. Amen. Stay in peace.

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Our Lady Queen of Peace
Anguera, Bahia, Brazil

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